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“City Stories” 2 kg. Glows in the dark

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the Number of sets in the package (pcs) - 4

the Number of buckets on pallet (pcs) - 168

packing Size (mm) - 345х320х180

the Size of the pallet (mm) - 1200х800х1410


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With a set of “City Stories” Space sand, children can build houses, streets and even entire blocks. This set will be appreciated by parents who want to develop their child's imagination as well as figurative and spatial thinking.

The set includes: 

  • 2 kilograms of sand, classic sand-colored, which glows in the dark
  • Large inflatable sandbox 40 x 60 cm, allowing you to play with the sand and not worry that it will be scattered throughout the house
  • 10 molds for molding fences, houses and towers of various shapes
  • Three-dimensionalgameboard
  • Small book with developing games and step-by-step instructions for creating figures from Space sand

Why is Space sand so popular among parents and educators? Playing with it contributes to the development of children’s small motor skills and joints as well as helping to relieve tension and stress. And themed sets, which include sand of several colors, allow the imagination and fantasies of children to develop their sense of beauty.



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