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Sets with molds and sandbox, 1 kg

Vendor code:
КП04К10Н, КП01Г10Н, КП05Р10Н, КП06С10Н, КП03З10Н,

the Number of sets in the package (pcs) - 12

the Number of sets on pallet (pcs) - 384

packing Size (mm) - 340х307х380

the Size of the pallet (mm) - 1220х800х1660


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A standard set of Space sand allows parents to give their children a sandbox right at home. The kit was developed in conjunction with educators, so it includes everything needed for a fun and educational pastime. Today, many moms are eager to find a way to teach their children in the form of exciting and fun games, and Space sand is ideal for this.

The set includes: 

  • 1 kilogram sand - choice of color.
  • Large inflatable sandbox 40 x 60 cm, allowing you to play with the sand and not worry that it will be scattered throughout the house.
  • 6 molds for molding.
  • Small book with fun games and step-by-step instructions for creating thematic sand figures.

Why is it so useful to play with Space sand? During this play time, children’s finger receptors receive a natural massage. In the brain, the areas responsible for hand and speech motor skills are closely situated, so the stimulation of the fingers positively affects the development of the articulation of the child. That's why sets of Space sand are so popular among parents and educators.



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