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Set Elastic in the sphere

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PE0152, PE0153, PE0154, PE0151

the Amount of mass for modeling and 0.12 kg (120 g)

packing Size (h, w, l) (mm) - 80х75х75


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Elastic — stretching fun!

Elastic — catching new toy, which is impossible to put down. It stretches up to two meters in length and is molded in clear figures with fine details. Thoroughly mash the Elastic and slowly begin to stretch thousands of grains hang in the air like a cobweb. Stretch, yet enough hands! Lepi figures one, two, or three colors. The figures are very durable, but is accurate they pull and they will stretch. Mass for modeling Elastic never dries up. Games with Elastic develop a child's imagination and creativity, fine motor skills and speech, have a calming effect. Parents will love the Elastic mash after a hard day!



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